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11 months. Loves music (5 little ducks and wheels on the bus), wagon rides, being held, tickles, standing up, and reading books. She is a sympathy crier (always has been) and cries anytime a baby cries or Mommy coughs or sneezes. She’s the definition of a sweetheart and I pray she never loses her sensitivity and compassion!
My sweet Ver-Bear 🐻❤️
Cleaning out my photos and came across this. 2 days old, taken the day we came home from the hospital. I can’t believe she used to be this little! 😭My Mom made her beautiful blanket. ❤️
10 months! Loves music, singing, swim class, babies, cuddling, back scratches and getting her hair brushed. All of a sudden wants to eat cords, outlets and pretty much anything dangerous. Every night we pray together & ask Jesus to give  her the fruits of the Spirit. So very grateful for my joyful, loving and peaceful baby girl!
Vera was 9 Months yesterday! Loves sucking her thumb, her cow Bessie, mirrors, singing & cuddling. Squeals and bounces when she watches Word Party. Does not love being away from Mommy or when Mommy isn’t holding her. Sweetest girl in the world!
It was a fun Cinco De Mayo celebrating @kaylenirvine & @chrisirvine89 🌮🎀💙Two of my dearest friends are pregnant & I can’t wait to meet these precious babies! Love these girls ❤️ #tacobouttwins
Yesterday, our Grandpa, who we love more than words can say, was called home to be with the Lord. I am so grateful the Lord allowed my Dad, sisters and I to be together to hold his hand, kiss him and tell him how much we love him. His life was marked by service and honor, to his country and his family. Words are simply inadequate to express a lifetime of love and memories. Please pray for the Lord’s comfort and peace over my Grandma, my Dad and Aunts this week as we lay him to rest and honor his life. I miss him deeply and will love and cherish my Grandpa forever.
I have waited two years for this moment!! The room where it happens!
Happy birthday @blakeandrew9! I couldn’t ask for a more loyal, devoted husband and Daddy to Vera. He gets up early to study to the Word and lives his life for the gospel. He’s easy to celebrate for so many reasons. So grateful to spend my life with you. I love you!

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