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Common Core standards and word glossary specific to Passing the Bone are available for lesson planning.
Common Core Literacy Standards
Passing the Bone Vocabulary Words
Sample CCSS Lesson Plan


Follow the links below to learn more about First Pup Bo Obama, The White House, and former First Pups!
Bo’s White House Photo Gallery
The White House
Passing the Bone Color Sheet
Barney and Miss Beasley Bush
Barney Cam
Presidential Pet Museum

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SO excited to finally share that @chelsi_p and @drew_troop are expecting!! Vera is going to have a GIRL cousin! 💕 How fun to be pregnant with all the sisters, including Chelsi’s sister in law, @ashleetroop! 🎀🎀🎀💙 Congrats, Chels and Drew!
Sunset in the BVI’s. Cant wait to return one day with @blakeandrew9!
Our sweet friends threw such a fun “Red, White, and Due” couples shower for baby Vera! We are overwhelmed by the love shown to us from our precious friends and family! ❤️🇺🇸
Congratulations to my twin sister and brother in law on the birth of their second son, Coleman Prescott Gray! I can’t wait to hold my new nephew, who is already so loved!
This photo perfectly shows the heart of my husband, who covers me in prayer, love and adoration. I cannot wait for Vera to meet her amazing Daddy and be raised by the sweetest man. No one will love her more! 
Thank you @alexisburganphotography for capturing this special time in our life. For anyone local, Alex has a few summer sessions left for booking! You will adore her!!
Port Aransas, TX.
Grateful for such a nice Saturday morning! Slept well, no morning sickness, and @blakeandrew9 made the most delicious breakfast. 🍳☕️ Great start to the weekend! #8monthspregnant
Going through a great study with sweet girls and loving the truth we are learning! When God freed the Israelites from Egypt, he told them to turn and go back TOWARD Pharaoh’s army. This made no sense to them and panic set in-why would you rescue us, Lord, to lead us back toward the enemy?! Pharaoh’s army was in front of them and the Red Sea behind them. They were trapped and surrounded. But God had a miraculous plan for rescue. He put his power on display by parting the Red Sea-something unimaginable to increase the faith of the Israelites. When they wandered the dessert with no food, He provided manna from Heaven day by day-nothing more or less than they needed for that day. Through both these stories, God is teaching them He can be trusted! He is the same today. He cares about our fears and worries, He sees our needs. He can do the unimaginable-spiritually, emotionally, physically, and more!
Lake Travis 🙌🏼

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