Vocabulary Words

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Air Force One: Plane used to fly the President of the United States.

Ally: Country that helps, supports, and protects another country. In Passing the Bone, Larry the Cat is called an “ally” because the United Kingdom is an ally to the United States. Therefore, Larry and Bo are allies (loyal friends).

Barney and Miss Beazley Bush: Former First Dogs to Mr. and Mrs. George W. Bush, the 43rd President of the United States.

Camp David: Private camp for the President of the United States. Camp David also is used to host foreign leaders.

Candidates: Persons who are trying to be elected. In Passing the Bone, “candidates” refers to dogs across America wishing to be the next White House Pup.

Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office: Official cat of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. The cat’s true name is Larry.

Chief of Staff: Person of high rank who advises the President on important matters.

Citizens: People who legally belong to a country and have the rights and protection of that country.

Domestic: Of, relating to, or made in your own country.

First Family: Family of the President of the United States.

First Lady: Wife of the President of the United States.

Foes: Enemies.

Foreign: Located outside your own country.

Global affairs: Matters, business, activities, or dealings between nations.

Homeland: Country someone was born in and/or grew up in.

International Dignitary Pets: Pets of important world leaders from different countries.

Lincoln Room: Bedroom on the second floor of the White House, named after Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States. He used this room as an office.

Off the record: Phrase meaning, whatever is being said is private and should not be shared publicly.

Oval Office: President’s office in the White House.

Patriotic: Having or showing great love and support for your country.

POTUS: Abbreviation short for “President of the United States.” In Passing the Bone, POTUS stands for “Pup of the United States.”

Secret Service: U.S. government department in charge of protecting elected leaders of the U.S. and visiting leaders.

South Lawn: Area of grass outside the White House, used for the annual Easter egg roll and outdoor activities. Marine One, the presidential helicopter, lands on the south lawn to pick up and drop off the President.

Unpatriotic: Not having or showing love and support for your country.

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This week went by way too fast! Loved quality time with family and so happy I got to see @halie_thornton as well! Haven’t seen each other since my wedding!
3 months old! Loves: Mommy and Daddy, stretching, her hands, smiling, making sounds, bath time, music, lights & being on a schedule. She’s the most content baby. Every day we love her more than we thought possible! 🍂🧡
So excited to join Dyer Elementary tomorrow night for Family Literacy Night! I can't wait to introduce them to Artie, the hilarious Apatosaurus who wants to be a spy! This event will be extra special because it’s the elementary school I grew up in. Speaking to young children about reading and writing is such a joy! @capstone_pub
We picked up Nana from the airport today and it’s safe to say, she won’t be moving from this spot! 💕
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Happy birthday to my beautiful twin sister! I’ve never known what it’s like to “make friends” as an individual because I’ve always had an instant best friend from birth. And what a gift of a sister and friend she is! Megan is the epitome of selfless. If Megan only had $5 to her name, she would give it away to someone in need. She is incredibly generous, empathetic, compassionate and loving. She is a woman of peace and wisdom. Happy birthday, @meganpgray!
Happy 28th birthday @chelsi_p! I admire her for so many reasons. Incredibly smart and driven (she loved bragging to Megan and I that she could spell “metamorphosis” in Kindergarten) AND is the most Godly, compassionate, funny and classy woman you’ll ever met. Never gossips, faithful in prayer, wise, devoted to the Word and has the most selfless heart. The epitome of beauty on the inside and out!
How we are feeling after being up all night thanks to the time change 😴
Beautiful Saturday! 😎🥂

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