Writing Prompts

Use these writing prompts in the classroom or at home! 

Write a letter of why or why not a dog would make a good “POTUS” (Pup of the United States).

What message does Bo have for the reader?

Bo includes many “don’ts” for the next Pup of the United States. Write a letter explaining how Bo found out what the First Pup shouldn’t do.

Write a story about what you think Bo’s life will be like after the White House.

Write a letter, convincing dogs across America to vote for your puppy to be the next Pup of the United States.

What do you believe should be part of the President’s job?

If the real Presidential Pup had a job assigned by the president, what should it be?

Write about a time you voted for something. Include what you voted for and why you voted the way you did.

Would you ever run for President? Why or why not? Write a story about why or why not.

Think about your personal character. What about your character would make you a good president?


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Passing the Bone: America’s Next POTUS

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